Hawaiian Tourist Attractions

Hawaiian Tourist Attractions

Lanai – Hawaii’s Smallest Island

Learn to Surf in Hawaii

Have you ever had an inkling to pick try surfing? Perhaps just try it once and put it on that list of yep, I’ve done that? Then the island of Oahu in Hawaii is the place to do that. Waikiki beach is the best place for beginners to learn to surf. You may be picturing the lonely deserted beach pictured in the 1950’s Gidget or Elvis movies. But, I have to tell you that Waikiki beach has changed a lot since those days.

Waikiki beach is located in Honolulu. Picture a miniaturized New York City located in paradise, complete with palm trees, because after all, Honolulu is a city. The beach is narrow and very crowded, and with good reasons… the waves. The waves are typically small and very long. You can ride them all the way into the beach with plenty of time for beginners to get used to the feel of the wave. There are tons of places on Waikiki to take surfing lessons. Just walk down the beach and take your pick, usually you don’t have to make reservations because these are just guys on the beach teaching lessons… i.e. bring cash. Because of the fierce competition amongst the “surfing schools” you can usually get a pretty good deal on lessons.

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